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How to Replace the Toilet Cover? Dec 22, 2020

There are all kinds of toilets in the bathrooms of every family. The toilets are generally not easily broken. Only the drain pump and toilet lid are the most prone to problems. Today, Shunhao will share with you the method of replacing the toilet lid.

1.First of all, if you want to replace the toilet lid, you need to measure the four main dimensions, including the width, length, holes spacing and toilet tank spacing. Then choose and buy a suitable toilet cover. The dimensions are as follows:

urea toilet seat cover

2. Remove the previously broken toilet lid, and then clean the toilet lid holes.

urea formaldehyde toilet seat cover mold

3. Place the new plastic screw track first according to the holes pitch.

4. Fasten the expansion screw and the slot together, then put it into the screw hole of the toilet, and then tighten the screw with a screwdriver.

5. According to the direction of the plastic rail, push the plastic card slot on the toilet lid into the plastic rail.

6. After installing the toilet lid, move the lock button behind the slot so that it is stuck. Finally, the toilet lid is installed.

Note: The installation method of different toilet covers is different.

toilet seat lid machinery


There are already several toilet seat factories benefiting from it. Why not hurry up and contact Shunhao?

urea toilet seat cover molding machine

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